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ATTENTION MEMBERS! The 2015 Tech Training class and Sled Operator class will be held on Saturday February 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds;4808 S Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, at the Emergency Services training building.
Anyone who wants to be a tech official, flagman,or sled operator must attend this training class and pass the open book test given afterwards. Each participant will receive a free Lucas Oil shirt.
We need flaggers and sled operators. Please plan to attend!

The Awards Committee provides trophies and plaques to the top three finishers of each class at each of our events, and needs your help. WE NEED EVENT AWARDS SPONSORS! The cost of trophies and plaques is approximately $135.00 per pull. If you are able to sponsor the awards for a pull, or if you want to help, but $135 is more than you are comfortable with, co-sponsorship is another alternative! ANY help is greatly appreciated!

A link to the award sponsorship form is above.

In addition, the Awards Committee sells club flags and t-shirts, to help offset these costs. They have a display set up at most of our events.

The club flag is blue 23"x 37" and is $40.00. The car flag is 11"x 14" and is $30.00. These flags are one sided transparent and are not made to be used at highway speeds.

T-shirts, from kids size to XL adult are $16.00 each, and 2XL - 3XL are $20.00 each. Colors that work best are light blue, light gray, safety green, light pink, and tan. Some t-shirts and flags in stock. Additional t-shirts are ordered, as needed Additional flags would need to be ordered at least six at a time to keep them at this price.

Please contact Gerald Moore with the awards committee for additional information.
Phone: (540) 820-5870.
Email: geram@comcast.net.
mail: 2722 Goode Dr
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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